int __stdcall SFDB_ISWKND(LONG argDate,

LPCTSTR holidays,

LPLONG zDates,

size_t nSize,

WORD nWkndNo,

WORD argOptions 


Returns TRUE if the reference date falls on a (short/long) weekend.

status code of the operation
Return values
NDK_TRUEdate falls on a weekend
NDK_FALSEdate does not fall on a weekend
NDK_FAILEDOperation unsuccessful. See SFMacros.h for more details.
See Also
[in]argDateis a serial date number that represents a given date
[in]holidaysis a (:_:) separated list of holiday codes
[in]zDatesis an array of holidays dates; each expressed as a serial number (i.e. number of days since 1.1.1970)
[in]nSizeis the number of holiday dates in zDates
[in]nWkndNois the weekend number (1-7, 11-17).
[in]argOptionsis a switch to specify how to test for short or long weekends (1 = all (default), 2 = ignore holidays, 3 = only short weekends, 4 = only long weekends).
  1. All (default)
  2. Ignore holidays (same as (1), but treats long weekend as short)
  3. Only short weekends
  4. Only long weekends