int __stdcall NDK_FARIMA_GOF ( double *  pData,
size_t  nSize,
double  mean,
double  sigma,
double  nIntegral,
double *  phis,
size_t  p,
double *  thetas,
size_t  q,
WORD  retType,
double *  retVal 

Computes the log-likelihood ((LLF), Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) or other goodness of fit function of the FARIMA model.

status code of the operation
Return values
NDK_SUCCESS  Operation successful
NDK_FAILED  Operation unsuccessful. See Macros for full list.
[in] pData is the univariate time series data (a one dimensional array).
[in] nSize  is the number of observations in pData.
[in] mean  is the ARMA model mean (i.e. mu).
[in] sigma is the standard deviation of the model's residuals/innovations.
[in] nIntegral  is the model's integration order.
[in] phis  are the parameters of the AR(p) component model (starting with the lowest lag).
[in] p is the number of elements in phis (order of AR component)
[in] thetas  are the parameters of the MA(q) component model (starting with the lowest lag).
[in] q is the number of elements in thetas (order of MA component)
[in] retType is a switch to select a fitness measure
Order   Description
1 Log-Likelihood Function (LLF) (default)
2 Akaike Information Criterion (AIC)
3 Schwarz/Bayesian Information Criterion (SIC/BIC)
4 Hannan-Quinn information criterion (HQC)
[out] retVal is the calculated GOF return value
Header SFSDK.H

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