Getting Started

NumXL Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of files used by developers and their environment to utilize NumXL functionality in their own application.

This document is prepared as a self-study course; it is divided into four(4) separate modules organized in terms of relevance (and to some extent, difficult):


  1. Module 1: Checking System Requirements
  2. Module 2: NumXL run-time environment (NRE) installation
  3. Module 3: NumXL run-time environment (NRE) licensing
  4. Module 4: C/C++ development environment setup - "Hello World!"
  5. Module 5: .Net development environment setup - "Hello World!"

The purpose of these modules is to demonstrate the basic steps in developing time series analysis, diagnosis, and forecast in your custom application, using only NumXL’s functions and tools.

Feel free to start at any point in the course, but bear in mind that the examples build on each other from one module to the next.

We are constantly working on improving it, so we invite comments, suggestions, and criticisms.