int __stdcall NDK_TOKENIZE ( LPCSTR  szTxt,
LPCSTR  szDelim,
short  nOrder,
LPSTR  pRetVal,
size_t  nSize 

Returns the n-th token/substring in a string after splitting it using a given delimiter.

status code of the operation
Return values
NDK_SUCCESS  Operation successful
NDK_FAILED  Operation unsuccessful. See Macros for full list.
  1. The delimiter may contain any number of characters, but only the first one is used.
  2. The NxTokenize function trims the leading and trailing white spaces from the input string.
  3. If the input string does not contain the delimiter chracter, NxTokenize returns a #VALUE! error.
  4. If the order value is greater than the number of tokens in the string, NxTokenize returns a #VALUE! error.
[in] szTxt is the input string to match for.
[in] szDelim is the character to use for splitting the string. If missing, comma (,) is used.
[in] nOrder is the order of the token to return, where first = 1, second = 2,..., and last = -1. If missing, the first token is returned
[out] pRetVal is the n-th token/substring in a string
[in] nSize is the number of characters in pRetVal buffer
Header SFSDK.H
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